Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008

*Nice Blog Award*

Von der lieben Ingela habe ich zum Jahresende noch diesen tollen Award verliehen bekommen "ganzdollfreu" :o........

Vielen Dank, ich habe mich riesig darüber gefreut :))

Here are the rules:
- Put the award on your blog
- Link the person you received your award from
- You can give the award to how many as you want
- Put links of those blogs on yours
- Leave a message on the blogs you have nominated

Now I would like to give this award to:



Bunny-Zoe's Blog hat gesagt…

You are the sweetest Heike. I am so happy to receive this award from you. Big Hugs, Nikki x

Lim hat gesagt…

Thank you so much Heike for always think about me in your awards.. I really appreciate. Wow.. This is my first award of the year.. :))

Your card is gorgeous. You always have so many clever ideas. The little turtle it's beautiful. I love it!!! and of course the other two cute Hanglars, my favorites. :))

I hope you had a great night yesterday with a lot of fun and in company of your family, specially your two beautiful little girls. :)


sandra_w hat gesagt…

Ooohhh thank you so much, Heike! You make my day!!


Jeanette hat gesagt…

Thank you so much Heike! Wow, we're only one day into 2009 and I have an award! Hope your 2009 is a healthy and happy one and I can't wait to see more of your gorgeous creations! Hugs Jeanette